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Our maintenance services include cleaning, polishing, and applying protective coatings to preserve the beauty and durability of your parquet floors.

Renovate: restore (something old) to a good state of repair.

Transforming Parquet Floors with Expertise and Passion

Your parquet floors deserve to be in this happy state, even if they aren’t that old… If nothing beats the look of a shiny parquet floor, few things are more dispiriting than those dull and tired apologies languishing in halls, schools, and churches.

Making them good is a straightforward process when you bring in a floor renovation company that knows what they are doing. So show your appreciation of French artistry and flair of the late 1600s by calling on: Renovating Parquet Floors

Working on parquet involves the same stages as with conventional floorboards – and with results simply magnifique! The French connection goes back to the Court of Louis the Fourteenth at the Palace of Versailles.  Placing wooden blocks on a solid base solved the problem of rotting joists caused by the frequent washing of marble floors. And as a bonus, those blocks could be arranged in a diversity of geometric patterns – creating beauty and practicality in the most winning combination.

See How We Provide The Complete Parquet Floor Sanding Service


We are a congenial family collective, who, like skilled artisans, have breathed life back into countless floors. Our team, each a master navigator of wood grain, are not just experts at surveying and sanding the terrain underfoot, but proud members of the National Wood Floor Association (NWFA). Some, in fact, have been part of our family since our very inception!

In our hands, floors of every description have seen renewal. From the gravely wounded to those merely yearning for a touch of rejuvenation, from the modern and sleek to surfaces bearing the marks of centuries. Some of these floors, you might be surprised to hear, were once in a state even more forlorn than yours.


We’ve worked in domestic and commercial settings for over twenty years.

We worked in offices, shops, bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants to public areas in galleries and museums

We also work in high-pressure areas in schools, gyms and sports halls.

Your Needs Come First

We begin with a thorough exploration, much like a cartographer mapping uncharted land. We scrutinize the current state of your floor and chart a course for its revival. The final destination depends on your desire – a striking vista that captivates with its beauty, or a sturdy terrain, designed to endure the march of heavy wear.

Your journey is enlightened by the wisdom of our demonstration, an exhibit of the myriad hues and textures offered by contemporary stains and sealants. It’s as varied and fascinating as a landscape shifting with the seasons.

Every choice, every turn in this expedition is made transparent, with all costs illuminated along the way. This clarity allows us to craft the perfect renovation package, tailored to your unique needs, much like a custom itinerary for an unforgettable journey.

Away With The Old

 Think of sanding as the ebb of a high tide, washing away redundant layers of paint, varnish, or sealant. What remains is akin to freshly revealed beach – smooth, level, and ripe for new possibilities. Once, this process was a maelstrom of dust and disruption. That time has since slipped into the past, much like a forgotten era.

Today, the art of wood floor renovation intertwines with the rhythm of your life, causing only a minimal flutter in its harmony. A demanding schedule? Our flexibility bends like a willow in the wind, accommodating weekend or overnight engagements to reduce disturbance and guard against any loss.

Dust, that once-ubiquitous invader, now finds itself virtually banished by our modern cylinder machines. We seal all doors and windows, holding back the dusty tide. The collected remnants are discreetly bagged and removed, leaving you with nothing less than 99% dust-free sanding. It’s a new dawn for floor renovation, where inconvenience fades away, and renewal takes center stage.


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When it comes to renovating parquet floors, choosing the right company is crucial to ensure a successful and satisfying outcome.

Step 1
Step 1

The First Steps

All rooms have to be cleared. We can help by shifting heavy items of furniture – and disposing of old carpets and floor coverings. Staining and sealing are best completed in two distinct stages. The colour is easier to control during application but holds its own as the layers of sealant wear away.

Step 2
Step 2

The Work Begins

We secure any wobbly parquet blocks and create a level underfloor. The next step is to fill in damaged or missing areas with blocks to match. These may come from an adjacent room that is not being sanded. Parquet became very popular from the 1930s to the 1970s and blocks therefore come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. We can track down those to match reclaimed wood suppliers. If necessary, we can even cut them down to size. Any gaps may be filled – if you so desire – with a mixture of wood dust and resin. Old features, such as fireplaces and hearths, can be removed and the space covered over with fresh blocks.

Step 3
Step 3

Let’s Start Sanding

The sanding process usually involves three stages: rough sanding paper to strip off the old sealant; medium to create a level surface; and fine sand for that lovely smooth finish. For the perfect job, we use handheld machines and sometimes hand sanding for those awkward corners and tricky floor shapes.

Step 4
Step 4

A New Look?

The level and sanded floor may then be stained. A clear stain will bring out the natural beauty of the grain. It you refer a change of colour, we can stain to either complement or contrast with your existing decor – or a design you’d like to create. Applying coloured sealants may seem like doing the two jobs in one, but we advise against it: the floor will reveal its wood character when the colour begins to wear.

Staining and sealing are best completed in two distinct stages. The colour is easier to control during application but holds its own as the layers of sealant wear away.

Step 5
Step 5

Final Protection

The timber has to be sealed for both long-lasting protection and to create a surface to enhance its looks.

There are three main sealants:

  • Natural oil: for the classy look of a traditional wooden floor
  • Hardwax oil; is harder to wear as it penetrates the wood for a nonglossy look.
  • Both oil and hard wax emphasise the natural grain of the wood – bringing out its inherent colour.

Lacquer for the busiest areas. Modern lacquers are not only hard-wearing but have an attractive natural look. Being water-based, they are completely safe in areas used by children and pets. And our workmanship is matched by applying premium quality stains and sealants. Your new parquet floor deserves no less; your floor will last longer, keep its good looks – and prove a valuable long-term investment. Depending on the sealant, several coats will require adequate drying time. No shortcuts for such an important job…

Step 6
Step 6

After Care

Your renovated parquet floor will repay a little careful attention. Keep it looking good for longer with minimal effort. Our advice is on hand for whatever your chosen sealants require. Regular sweeping and/or vacuuming will remove dirt and grit. Avoid using revolving vacuum cleaner brushes (to avoid scratching) – and excess moisture. A damp mop will do the job, with the occasional use of a wooden floor cleaner, as recommended by the manufacturer.

When the floor loses its luster, a light re-oiling will bring it back to its best. For lacquer, apply a ‘revive’ coat, after a light sanding-down of the original surface

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Highly Recommended

I just want to let you know that I’m over the moon with my floors because they’re completely different than what they were like before. When I was moving my furniture in my front room, I was horrified to see the condition of my flooring. The scratches that were on my floors were long and, to be totally honest, very ugly, so I contacted you because a friend had recommended your team after you had completed work for her. Fast forward a few weeks when I initially contacted you and I’m overwhelmed; gone are the dark and dingy sections of my floor and the horrible scratches, thanks to your team’s expertise. My home now has a brand-new-looking floor that I’m not afraid to show off to people. As I didn’t have a large budget, you kept to your word and finished work on time and I did not have to borrow money from friends and family at all.

Thank you for your services

Best Quality Services

“Although my family and I wanted to move into a new build, we were amazed and eventually wowed over by a property that dates from the 1920s. So we bought it! However, as with old buildings, we inherited many structural problems which we hadn’t thought about when we signed the mortgage contract, such as sub-standard floors that had succumbed to years of dry rot. That’s when Andrew and his team came to help us. We explained that the whole of our downstairs floor needed to be replaced. We were given a very reasonable quote and, when we agreed about when the work would commence, we headed off to a friend’s house until the work was completed. After a very short time, we got the call that our house was ready -amazing how quickly Andrew and the team managed to get everything done! When we returned home, the floors looked brand new and exceeded our expectations. I’ll certainly be recommending you to our family and work colleagues!”

Most Affordable Services

“Our family home has hosted many parties and social gatherings which we have revelled in. Although we’ve had a lot of fun, our floor has suffered and it doesn’t match the colour scheme that we have used throughout the rest of the house. As we decided to redecorate our home, we wanted a floor that matched and complemented our new look property. As we wanted our walls to be very dark, our floor was light and it simply didn’t look good at all. When we spoke to you, we were told that you could change the colour of our wooden floorboards. And you didn’t disappoint! When the work had been completed, our home looked immaculate. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done to our home.”

Thank you for your services

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